Artistic Director, Co-Producer, Lead Writer's Room

Rykka is a musician, performer and interaction designer who uses art as a vehicle to transport their audience into new realities.   Following studies in Jazz Voice and Visual Arts, they left home in Vancouver to spend years on the road where they performed at over 2000 events in Europe, North America and Asia. In 2012 Rykka won the prestigious Peak Performance Project with their 4th studio album ”Kodiak”, and later represented Switzerland in Eurovision in 2016 in support of the album "Beatitudes".  In 2017 Rykka began formal studies of Interaction Design, studying in Tallinn and Vancouver. They completed their Master in Interaction Design in 2019. Rykka is a Co-Producer and Creative Director of the Para//e/s Story universe.
Director, Co-Producer, Writer's Room

Corinne is a director and actor. Her projects move between theatrical spaces, artistic research and media art. Corinne is a trained motion and performance capture talent and mentor trained at PCA, UK in 2019 and 2022 with Neil Newbon. Her film work includes 
TV Series NEUMATT (2021-2023) and TATORT (2022) as well as TV movies ZIELLOS and ES GESCHAH AM…POSTRAUB. Corinne is regularly invited to various international panels as an expert for theatre and immersive arts (VR / AR / XR), including the festivals GIFF, VRHAM! and the Think Tank FUTURE STORYWORLDS (Cern, NIFFF). 
Director of Photography, Co-Producer

Tren holds a BA in Fine Arts majoring Advertising from the University of San Carlos in the Philippines. Tren joined Southernlads Productions in 2012, pioneering the local music video industry for bands in Cebu. A series of projects followed, including corporate video productions. After the completion of Tren's Bachelor’s Degree in 2014, Tren started working for Maverick Ideas & Social Media where Tren was able to take on the roles of video producer, graphic designer and accounts manager. In 2019, Tren started working as a freelance video producer on corporate films as well as artistic projects after moving back to Switzerland in 2018.
Co-Producer, Set-Management, Writer's Room

Lucca combines his academic knowledge in film with his experience on and around film sets as a set manager and production assistant for various production companies (e.g. Zodiac Pictures, Hugofilms, Contrast Film). He holds an MA in Film studies from the UZH, is a board member and co-founder of the theatre festival Grätsche which took place for the first time in February 2020.
Concept Consultant, Actor

Yuvviki is a PhD Student at the University of Zurich. The focus of her work lies in topics as hegemony, power structures and dynamics. She is interested in researching the narrative constructions of our surroundings through and by the media. In addition to Yuvvikis academic work, she is an active member of the free theater scene in Zurich. Furthermore, Yuvviki engages in anti-racist, anti-sexist and Queer-feminist political activism.
Production Coordinator, Accounting

Martina is a self-employed marketing and fundraising manager. She got her BA in International Business and Management Studies, with Minor in Marketing, at the University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam (NL). And she wrote her Bachelor’s Thesis on crowdfunding for NetAP ( an international animal welfare organization, for which she is still an active volunteer. Before attending the University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, she did a commercial apprenticeship (Kauffrau EFZ) at Login (Swiss public transport SBB) and shortly worked as an executive assistant.

After her bachelor’s degree, she worked as a marketing and project manager for a start-up marketing agency. Has since attended training in media planning, mobile marketing, storytelling & crossmedia and SEA. She currently works on projects in the fitness and non-profit sectors. Martina helps smaller organizations and associations with marketing, fundraising, relaunch of websites, strategic planning as well as business organization and restructuring.
Actor, Puppeteer

After studying humanities, Stephan turned to acting. After various engagements in Hyderabad and Montpellier, among others, he landed in Bern, where he completed an MA in Expanded Theater at the HKB. He was awarded the Hirschmann Scholarship in his master's, received residencies at the Figura Theater Festival and the Swiss Theatertreffen in 2018, and works regularly as a speaker and (stilt) dancer. He is currently working as a performer in the exhibition "SUPER" at the Museum of Communication in Bern and as a puppeteer for Nikolaus Habjan at Theater Basel, as well as a puppet maker.
Choreographer, Dancer, Actor

Antonia is a professional dancer and choreographer. She completed her jazz/contemporary training in Studio 23 and has completed further training in New York and London. Dance competitions, conferences, rehearsals and shows are a natural part of her everyday life. Besides her ongoing choreographic work for various artists, theater projects and dance schools, she has danced in various shows under the direction of Theater ZorinDom, Vera Vrbanac, Adriana Krividic, Nadine Imboden, Saeed Hosseini, Perry Sidi, Tiziana Cocca, Brian Friedman, Tessandra Chavez, Ching Ching Wong, Cat Coliandro, Luca Signoretti, Adam Parson a.o. Currently Antonia Dzajo is working as a freelance dancer and choreographer nationally and internationally.
Poetry Writer

Jannis is a mom, an aspiring singer-songwriter, a poet and designer.
She has always had a lot of different passions. She studied Design because she has an eye for beautiful looking things.
Not only the outward appearance has to be right, Jannis likes it, when everything is perfectly researched, she always keeps an eye on the details.
A current project of Jannis is The brand wants to raise awareness about sustainability by using second-hand fabrics mixed with african Wax-print fabrics.
Together with a friend she designs and sews caps for kids and adults in their little atelier in Zurich.
Currently Jannis studies at the Voice Music Academy Zurich to improve her singing-, writing- and also her instrument skills.
In Para//e/s Jannis Sharlín Sánchez is in charge of writing poems for the astronaut Ytasha.

Writer, Behind the Scenes Team

Lynn is a Bachelor Student of Social & Cultural Anthropology and Political Science at the University of Zurich. 
She is interested in the possibilities of visual media for communication and research and pursues this interest through various film and photography projects.

Writer, Behind the Scenes Team

Katja is a bachelor student in Lucerne. She studies video with focus on documentary and essay filming.
If a task or a topic fascinates her, her thinking is rich and colorful. Thinking as abstraction, that makes no sense to her. 
She prefers variety to uniformity and loves to observe and analyze people's behavior. 
She already has a bachelor's degree in sports science and an apprenticeship as a nurse. 
Para//e/s is for her a project that represents many important social issues in an honest artistic way.
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