Para//e/s is an original, fictional story universe. The audience can interact with it on Social Media, Youtube and on streaming platforms like Twitch.
The singer Rykka, the energetic dancer Ellie, the painter Lumi and the poet and captain of the ship Ytasha have to use their individual approaches to find solutions for both emotional as well as technical challenges on the way in space. 
The events presented in the transmedia story universe take on different cinematic formats that correspond to the art forms and the inner life of the Astronaut Artists. Looking at the journey from multiple perspectives, the project asks questions about whose stories are being told (how) and in which ways contemporary film formats can connect with other forms of expression (poetry, dance, painting etc).
Para//e/s explores interplanetary future scenarios over the course of 1.5 years and aspires to be interactive with its audience.
To bring the story universe out of the digital space and into the analogue world, there will be film screenings and an exhibition of the artworks that will have been created during the twelve-month journey to conclude the project. 
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